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May 29, 2024

Fishing Report Today

Anglers in the New Orleans area have been enjoying fantastic fishing conditions this week. The waters have been teeming with Redfish, providing exciting opportunities for both seasoned anglers and beginners alike. Speckled Trout and Black Drum have also been biting consistently, adding variety to the catch. Sheepshead have been active around structures such as docks and bridges, offering a fun challenge for those looking to test their skills.
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March 3, 2023

New Orleans, Louisiana Fishing!

Todays trip was more than filling a box with fish. Mr Dave came onboard with his daughter Lindsay, her husband BJ, and importantly, his friend/fishing buddy Max of over 60 years who has dementia. Many of laughs and memories today from everyone. Some highlights from today… Ms Lindsay caught probably 70% of the fish…. on a barbless hook (barbless was not intentional). Then when got to our second spot, a flock of seagulls kept attacking our baits. We had about 6-7 of them flying off with our baits/hooks. Thankfully, we didn’t hook any. Also, as I was putting a red in the box I noticed something on one of the reds in the box. When I took it out the box, it had a hook in its mouth. After further looking.... it was one of my hooks from who knows when. All in all, they finished with 10 reds (one bull), 5 rat reds, a nice sheepshead, a tank bass, and a flounder that didn’t want to take the boat ride back to the marina.
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July 22, 2022

New Orleans Fishing Report

The fishing for Redfish near New Orleans has been good the past couple days! The fish are more likely to be found in ones and twos rather than the big schools we see when the water is cooler. Thats all the more reason to come fish with us, well show you were to find them and help you land em too!
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July 19, 2022

New Orleans Fishing report

The fishing has been good for the past few weeks here around New Orleans. We have been fishing for Redfish mostly and have been catching them using a few different methods. If you are planning a vacation to New Orleans or if your local book now for your shot at some of these awesome Redfish.
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June 22, 2022

Early Season Redfish

So…. had some interesting fish caught on todays charter. I can’t say I’ve ever seen one of these, or any of the ones I’m about to mention, in 47 years of fishing. To start, my client caught a redfish with no lower dorsal fins. A few casts later, caught a red that only had one lower dorsal Fin.